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Representative Example: Rates from 43.1% APR to 1333% APR. Minimum Loan Length is 1 month. Maximum Loan Length is 36 months. Representative Example: £1,200 borrowed for up to 75 days. Total amount repayable is: £1506. Interest charged is 0.34% per day, amounting to £306, annual interest rate of 124% (variable). Representative APR: 49.7% (variable).

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk.

What Is a Quick Loan in the UK?

A quick loan is a type of loan that can be issued in a short amount of time. Designed to cover emergency and other unexpected costs, you will get a decision in minutes as well as funding under less rigorous approval processes.

Unlike a traditional loan, a quick loan saves you the time and effort with a brief online application process. Our lenders will make a fast decision based on your submission.

Types of Quick Loans

  • Quick Cash Loans

    A cash loan generally involves borrowing a small amount of money for a short period of time. There are times in our lives when an emergency pops up and we are short of money. With quick loans, you can borrow £100 - £1,000 instantly for the term of your choosing.

  • Instant Loans

    A type of quick loan that can be borrowed for a time period of 3 to 36 months. Any amount you choose, any time period you select, an instant loan can be transferred to your account in a matter of a few hours.

  • Easy Loans

    This type of quick loan enables you to get an instant decision on whether you are qualified for borrowing money. Known for its easy-to-apply features, easy loans are quite helpful for people in urgent need of money.

  • Small Loans

    Small loans refer to the small amount of money you need from time to time for various emergencies. These amounts cannot always be fulfilled by banks. Therefore, small loans come to the rescue and let you choose the amount and payment term in a short period.

How to Apply Quick Loans in UKBadCreditLoans?

Basic requirement checklist before you apply for quick loans

  • You reside in the UK
  • You fulfill age criteria i.e., you are 18 or above
  • You have a steady income foundation
  • You have an eligible bank account where quick loans amount can be deposited

Follow the step-by-step guide below once you meet all requirement above:

Step 1: Fill out the details and the required forms, and click on apply. Wait for the website to check your eligibility.

Step 2: If you are eligible, you will get the approval for the loan you asked for.

Step 3: You can go through the terms and conditions and agree to them. On the same day possibly, the amount you asked for will be credited to the bank account you mentioned.

Can I Apply for Quick Loans with A Bad Credit Score?

No matter what your credit score is, if you need to borrow money, you can go online and apply for a quick loan. In a matter of a few minutes, after going through your details, a decision will be sent to you. The decision is based on your current income, and, therefore, it is easy and quick. In this way, it's a win-win for both the broker and the borrower.

How Long Does It Take to Receive money?

Quick loans are unique because they ensure that you will receive the loan decision in as quick as a few minutes and get the amount credited in a few hours, possibly on the same day.

Unlike other loans, quick loans do not require you to go through stringent background checks and wait for days to get a loan decision. You can get a quick loan in a matter of a few minutes and at one tap of your fingertips.

Since the process of applying for a quick loan is online, the assessment process takes as less as 60 minutes and the amount can be credited within the same day.

Are Quick Loans More Expensive Than Regular Loans?

Quick loan rates seem to be higher compared to a conventional loan, mainly due to the short-term nature, which leaves lenders a short window to make a return on the loan.

However, quick loans are regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) in the UK which makes it a secure option. The FCA regulates these borrowings ensuring that the lenders are not ripping off the borrowers.

Besides, regular loans can get more expensive if you fail to pay back on time. Make sure you can get in touch with our lenders instantly if you struggle to meet your next payment, which can greatly reduce the risk of getting into a worse situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1.Can I apply for a loan online?

    Yes. You can absolutely apply for a loan online. This is one of the special features of this quick loan service that you can apply for at the convenience of your home.

  • 2. What amount can I apply to borrow?

    The amount you need to borrow can be any number. It can be small or even a big number with varying terms of repayment.

  • 3. Is there any additional cost to get a quick loan?

    There is no additional cost to get a quick loan of any term. There is a certain myth attached to quick loans that because of their easy and quick nature, they might have additional costs and higher interest rates.

  • 4. Why choose UKBadCreditLoans for an instant loan?

    UKBadCreditLoans lets you apply online, get approved in minutes, and receive the amount at your account within the same day. It also lets you choose the repayment terms and ensures that the process is quick and seamless for you.

  • 5. What should I do if I can't afford to make my payments?

    We are professional brokers. We help you find the right lender, organise your materials for you, and simplify the application process. We also provide you with a safe borrowing environment to protect your personal information and credit history!

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